Support Opportunities

Wifi Buyout – $20,000

The Wifi provides coverage in all APhA meeting space at the Hilton Anatole. Supporter logo is included on the splash page when attendees connect to the Internet. Supporter is recognized throughout the event, including branded signage in APhA meeting areas.

Presentation Theaters – $15,000 each

The Presentation Theaters provide a forum to present information on your company, specific products, practice topics and therapeutic areas by company-designated presenters. Take advantage of this opportunity to create and deliver a customized event to this key audience.

Opening Reception in the Exposition – $15,000 (Exclusive)

Your company is the center of attention as we kick off JFPS 2023 with the Opening Reception in the Exposition. Don't miss your opportunity to stand out from the crowd by supporting this signature networking event!

Premier Mobile App Sponsor – $10,000 (Exclusive)

With no printed program, the JFPS 2023 Mobile App is the only place for attendees to find up-to-date information onsite! Position your company in front of JFPS attendees as they navigate the Exhibit Hall, Education Sessions and Networking Events using the JFPS Mobile App by being the EXCLUSIVE Premier sponsor of the app.

Coffee with Colleagues – $7,500 (Exclusive)

Your company will be front and center each morning by supporting the kick-off networking opportunity each day (Sunday, October 29– Tuesday, October 31).

Charging Stations – $7,500 each

Your company's video message is on a continuous loop at each charging station while attendees power-up their smart phones, laptops, and other wireless devices.

Registration Bags – SOLD (Exclusive)

Receive prominent company recognition with your logo and the JFPS 2023 logo imprinted on a high-quality registration bag. Registration bags are distributed to each meeting attendee and can be used throughout the year.

Neck Wallets – SOLD (Exclusive)

Neck wallets are provided to attendees with their badges. The supporter logo is prominently displayed on the front of each neck wallet and is worn by all attendees.

Hotel Key Cards – $5,000 (Exclusive)

Put your company’s brand right into the hands of JFPS 2023 attendees staying at the Hilton Anatole (HQ Hotel) with this exclusive opportunity.

Aisle Signs – SOLD (Exclusive)

As attendees walk through the Exposition, they will see your company’s logo showcased on each aisle sign. This is a great way to raise visibility and keep your brand in front of attendees throughout the meeting.

Entrance Door Clings – $5,000 (Exclusive)

Grab the attention of attendees the minute they arrive with your company's 4-color logo and booth number prominently displayed on the exterior doors of the Hilton Anatole. Decals are approximately 24" x 12". Fee includes production and installation.

Digital Banners – Starting at $2,500 each

You will be front and center on the main landing page of the JFPS 2023 website. The banner ads can link directly to your Presentation Theater or Booth listing.

Mobile App Alerts – $1,000 each

Reach attendees instantly with a mobile alert through the official JFPS 2023 Mobile App. Send an alert to invite attendees to your booth to generate traffic, promote a booth giveaway, or demo your product.

Service Academic Awards – $500 each

Support for this program provides a plaque to selected pharmacists and technicians to recognize their contributions to federal pharmacy. Supporters are recognized at the event and may participate in the awards presentation.

NEW! DHA Civilian Pharmacists and Pharmacy Technician Awards Program – $500 each or $7,500 exclusive

The inaugural Defense Health Agency (DHA) Civilian Pharmacists and Pharmacy Technician Awards Program will recognize civilian pharmacy pharmacists, pharmacy technicians and pharmacy support staff who have exceptionally supported DHA in achieving its vision, mission, & goals.

There are a total of 15 Civilian Pharmacists and Pharmacy Technician / Support Staff Awards at $500.00 each or $7,500 for exclusive support.

DHA Award Category: Pharmacist

  • Clinical Pharmacist of the Year
  • Outpatient Pharmacist of the Year
  • Inpatient Pharmacist of the Year
  • Support Pharmacist of the Year
  • Supervisory Pharmacist of the Year
  • Innovator Pharmacist of the Year
  • Outstanding Pharmacist of the Year

DHA Award Category: Pharmacy Technician

  • Clinical Pharmacy Technician of the Year
  • Outpatient Pharmacy Technician of the Year
  • Inpatient Pharmacy Technician of the Year
  • Support Pharmacy Technician of the Year
  • Supervisory Pharmacy Technician of the Year
  • Innovator Pharmacy Technician of the Year
  • Outstanding Pharmacy Technician of the Year

DHA Award Category: Pharmacy General Support Staff

  • Administrative Support Staff