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Communicate the value of attending JFPS 2021 Virtual to your supervisors

You already know the value of attending JFPS – but how do you convince your service/agency for funding and time off to attend? Use the information on this page to develop a formal request for funding and cut and paste the sample memo below to construct an official memo.

Demonstrating value:

Federal pharmacists and technicians have unique needs and JFPS was developed to provide the essential training and mission critical education specific to pharmacy practice and patient care in the federal health care sector. From logistics planning to disaster preparedness the programming at JFPS ensures all federal pharmacy practitioners are ready for whatever situations they may face. There is no substitute for the collaborations and camaraderie experienced at a live meeting. While networking and collaborating with colleagues and experts pharmacists can earn up to 19.5 hours of CPE and learn about new technologies, emerging therapies and products in the Expo and non-CPE presentation theaters.


Full conference registration can be obtained for as low as $225 for APhA members and $275 for non-members. 

Sample Request Memo

Use the following sample text to develop your own request.

“Memorandum For ______________

I am requesting approval to attend the Joint Federal Pharmacy Seminar (JFPS) 2021 event on October 24-26, 2021. This event will be completely virtual.

JFPS 2021 Virtual offers a unique opportunity to:

·       Expand my knowledge and reinforce the skills I need to enhance my performance at [SERVICE/AGENCY] through a variety of interactive educational and training sessions. Programs I’m interested in attending include: (Insert the programs)

·       Network with fellow [SERVICE/AGENCY] colleagues and make new contacts across federal pharmacy.

·       Get the latest information on these hot topics-- Readiness and MHS GENESIS, substance use disorder, pandemic best practices from the field, pharmacy supply chain, and updates on HIV PReP/PeP, telehealth, and more.

·       Learn about the latest products, technologies, and emerging therapies.

·       Earn up to 19.5 hours of CPE.

Registration for this event is $XXX (Fill your registration rate).

Thank you for your consideration. I strongly believe that JFPS 2021 Virtual is a solid investment for [SERVICE/AGENCY] and our patients.