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Contact Us

The American Pharmacists Association coordinates the education and meeting activities.

APhA InfoCenter – for assistance with general meeting questions
Phone: 800-237-2742

Primary Pharmacy Liaison & Support Opportunities
Stacia Spridgen, APhA Director, Federal Pharmacy Programs
Phone: 202-429-7594

Education, Speakers, and Posters
Sally Taber, APhA Senior Manager, Education
Phone: 202-429-4117

Meeting Logistics
Windy Christner, CMP, APhA Senior Director, Meetings & Expositions
Phone: 202-429-7513

Scheduling and Events
Todd McDonald, CMP, APhA Director, Meeting Services
Phone: 202-429-7547

Exhibits and Presentation Theaters
John Russell, APhA Director of Expositions
Phone: 202-429-7570