Closing General Session


13:00-14:00 Population Health Issues in the Federal Sector

14:30-15:30 Academic Detailing: Though there is a multitude of guidelines that are published with regards to patient care, there is often a mismatch from literature to the clinician’s office. Academic Detailing (AD) is designed to bridge this gap. AD is a multifaceted service for clinicians, by clinicians, that provides individualized, evidence-based, educational outreach visits. It has been effective in changing prescribing and impacting the utilization of evidence based treatment modalities in a variety of practice settings. The AD approach customizes content and barrier-resolution strategies to meet individual clinician needs in the context of local operations. The academic detailer offers one-to-one visits with physicians, and health care team members to enhance prescribing through targeted education on medication safety initiatives.  Along with provider and patient education the AD program develops audit and feedback tools to assist with population management.  This program will provide information on how to utilize these techniques and showcase the Veterans Affairs AD’s impact on aligning providers’ prescribing behavior with clinical practice guidelines.

15:30-16:30 Pharmacy Case Law Update 2017: Kickbacks, Crazy Medicine, and Controlling Everything: Federal and civilian pharmacists and pharmacy technicians must be kept abreast of constantly changing developments in pharmacy law in order to practice safely and effectively within the legal parameters established by courts and regulatory agencies. This one-hour presentation will provide an update of recent court decisions that have an impact on the practice of pharmacy. Areas of practice that will be addressed in the presentation include potential liability for Facebook postings, defamation, and aiding law enforcement. Also, a case will be presented that provides an excellent framework for discussing the current opioid crisis in the United States and the complexities of combating this public health emergency.

Session Time Slot(s): 
Wednesday, September 13
1:00 PM - 5:00 PM
Rosen Shingle Creek - Panzacola North